Your Own State-Of-Art Command & Control Centre
The PowerSuite® exclusive design from POWERCON.

Provides a universal monitoring & control centre environment for perfomance management of Renewable Energy Assets

A Dynamic Nerve Centre

Brings data to life, at a glance, on a high-resolution Large Interactive Wall, assisting in arriving at quick decisions to drive actions oriented towards peak performance of your assets.

Leading IPPs & OEMs rely on Powercon’s PowerSuite® to navigate through various applications includes Big data, IoT, Monitoring & Analytical Solutions, Video surveillance & video conferencing.

This system can display & support almost type of content, irrespective of their source.

The Distinct features of the PowerSuite® include:


  • LCD large interactive wall, with thinnest possible bezel width, to provide seamless display.
  • Distributed controller design, which permits every operator to exercise independent control on large interactive wall. It also avoid single point of failure in the system.
  • Exclusively designed software provides ease in power plant operations on large interactive wall along with multi desk monitor environment.
  • “PowerSuite® ” setup is tailor made & scalable to specific requirements of clients.
  • The design enables quick & easy installation which ultimately results in maintenance free setup.


Flexible & Customized

Range of Applications for PowerSuite®

  • Control Rooms for Wind, Solar, Hydro & other Renewable Asset Management
  • War room environment, Discussion bureau, Brainstorming, R&D and Data Analysis Centers
  • Service Operations Centers, Single or Multi-operator Domains
  • Multi-media based interactive conferencing / GoTo meetings, Audio-Video presentations
  • Diagnostic Center & Fleet Management with 24X7 Remote Operations
  • Universal platform for integration of legacy systems and varied technologies