Minimize energy losses due to downtime & slow responses to outages

Customized Retrofit, Up-gradation and Special Task (CRUST) Services.

Increase the overall yields, maximize ROI

Wind-farm owners, many of them developers and utilities that have historically focused on building new projects rather than on maintenance issues, are finding this principle of "repair and optimize" increasingly relevant in this capital intensive industry.

As some IPPs struggle to raise financing for new projects, or simply seek to avoid the risk of making a major investments, some wind farms owners may consider the less risky and less capital-intensive process of upgrading their existing turbines through retrofitting.

Retrofitting is the intelligent way to make the most of your investments and maximize the profitability of ageing equipment.

As wind turbines age, they gradually lose energy efficiency. Thousands of the 3 million+ wind turbines across the globe may not be performing their optimum levels, mostly due to blade surface and leading edge degradation. As a result, the demand for optimizing wind turbine blade performance to regain lost efficiency is rapidly growing.

Extension of Operational Life

Older turbines' operational lives can be extended by as much as ten years through upgrading components and technologies such as monitoring systems, giving some turbines a potential lifespan of 30 years. The client gains up to ten years additional revenue for a fraction of the cost of investing in new turbines.

Upgradation for Performance

By upgrading to state-of-the-art technology the turbine's efficiency and performance will improve, which cuts running costs and keeps them low over the long term. This is particularly important for projects where previous feed-in tariffs (FIT) have passed their output or time limit, where upgrading can improve output and longevity beyond those limits.

Optimize for Cost Reduction

For companies still paying off the loans taken out to finance a project, extending a turbine's life and improving its performance through retrofitting could reduce the cost of loan repayments

Optimize for Improved Yield

There are also site-specific gains that can be made, where the turbine has been operating on a misalignment and more modern turbine control technology can help realignment and, in some cases, improve a turbine's performance dramatically.

We can provide O&M expertise to support all types of Wind turbines, irrespective of their make, type, model or capacity…...