Welcome to Asia's first, ISP operated, multi-technology, multi-make, single view renewable energy asset management platform.

providing transparency, intelligence and control over the assets.


We service >10 GW assets spread across 16 countries worldwide from our Asset Management Studio at Pune, India.

Round the clock Command & Control Centre

Geographically dispersed Wind turbines of Gamesa, GE, Enercon, Nordex, Repower, etc. are hooked to POWERCON's  Asset Management Studio for centralized O&M operations.

Apart from Wind,  said Asset Management Studio also encompasses Solar PV, Bio, Geo, and Hydro power plants for centralized O&M management.

POWERCON's Asset Management Studio is a control center of a large network connecting over 11 GW of assets. Each individual site is connected to Central Engine either directly or through local control rooms using VSat or Leased lines over a secure network. Central Engine produces various dashboards to perform Control Center operations.

All the assets are managed on a 24x7 basis, by a team of data scientists, analysts and operators.

Distinctive Dimensions of POWERCON’s Asset Optimization Services

Universal Asset Management

  • POWERCON's Asset Management Studio has earned recognition across the industry for its unique IT enabled Command & Control Center that -
  • Facilitates centralized O&M of geographically dispersed assets irrespective of Make, Model, Type or capacity
  • Integrates ALL technologies (Wind, Solar PV, Hybrid, Hydro, etc.) under a singular governance platform
  • Eliminates need for use of multiple OEM SCADA systems making asset management easy & interesting
  • Integrates Power plants, sub-stations, met masts, Metering, switch gear & protective gear systems

Real Time Monitoring

  • The Studio uses Real-time data visualization for power plant operations
  • Facilitates prioritization of maintenance support based on Geographical Information System (GIS) exploration
  • Works on real time visibility of power plants, with configurable & intelligent alarms (beyond OEM alarms), to address issues impacting production performances.
  • Encompasses remote O&M Monitoring, control & guided maintenance capability

Universal Applicability

  • POWERCON’s Studio facilitates O&M of Wind assets for all types of users - Park operator or Asset owner, the OEM, the IPP, or any ISP
  • Concurrent use by servicemen, supervisors & decision makers
  • It provides extended mobility on handsets, smart phones, etc. for command and control of the wind turbines by an authorized technical manager
  • Provides base for a system-wide reorganization of the O&M teams Integrates data analysts into operations.
  • Enhances efficiency of O&M teams.

Proactive O&M

  • POWERCON’s Studio provides SMS gateways, emailing and notification to O&M servicemen as per a defined workflow for the Wind / Solar PV power plant operations
  • The powerful engine at the control center processes the data to deliver meaningful derivations, reducing the manual efforts and time required for diagnostics & data analysis & thus shortening reaction time
  •  Provides detection of warnings by harnessing granular data & making an early alert system for servicemen.

Data Analytics

  • Data analysis & automatic calculation of technical Performance Indicators – MTTR, MTBF, Reliability factors, etc.
  • Interactive data trending
  • Intelligent data processing & data quality verification
  • Power curve analysis, XY analysis, Lost production factors
  • Analyze measures & events
  • Provides powerful all in one dashboard for events, availability & production data for ease in understanding by different level of users
  • Predictive analytics through historic performance & failure data assessment.
  • Threshold, imbalance & limit management for deriving inferences on events revealing tendency or probability of failure.

Customized Reports

  • Automatic and configurable data reporting structure for different functions across the technical & commercial functions of O&M organization
  • Configure and customize as per user requirements
  • KPIs & performance metrics built as per user definition

Asset Management Studio

Praveen KakulteCEO, Powercon

The Myth - Returns on Assets Managed are influenced by Asset Availability !
The Truth - Operational Efficiency of the assets during the available period determines the Returns!

Industry Recognition for Powercon at IWEF 2016